How to use Freshtag™ TTI Labels

  • To start the Freshtag™ TTI, you apply gentle pressure on the “round window” labeled

“Freshtag by Vitsab” and break the seal between the 2 liquids

  • Move your finger, or a wallpaper roller, back and forth to mix the two liquids

You will know they are mixed when pressing on the color gray side of the label and you see a solid green color appears in the “round window”, no white streaks

What does the Freshtag™ TTI label look like when you activate it?

Round window is solid green

How to storage Freshtag™ TTI labels

  • Freezer: freeze a master roll or tape the end of a partial roll and keep it wound tight
  • Refrigerator: keep them at 38 °F or lower

Where to place the Freshtag™ TTI label on the package

  • Place the Freshtag™ TTI label on the outside of the individual container or on a customer education card inside each box. Package level monitoring is This ensured eachindividual container or box has been properly handled, ensuring top quality


Shelf Life (within facilities with 24-hour temperature monitoring)

  • Frozen, at or below 10 °F, the Freshtag™ TTI Label has a 1-year shelf life
  • Refrigerated, at or below 38 °F, the Freshtag™ TTI Label has a 4-month shelf life

What do the other colors in the round window mean?

  • On the left, a white dot in the round window means the Freshtag™ label was not activated, so don’t sell, or eat the product
  • In the middle, a green dot means the label is activated and functioning properly
  • On the right, a red dot means it reached its endpoint so do not sell, or eat the product

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