Vitsab International, the creators of Freshtag® temperature monitoring technology, celebrate 33 years in business



18 september 2023 15:44 CEST

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Vitsab International, the creators of Freshtag® temperature monitoring
technology, celebrate 33 years in business

Vitsab International is a Swedish research and development company that has
been revolutionizing food safety protocols since the 1970s.

Limhamn, Sweden, Sept. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Swedish-based research and
development company, Vitsab International, celebrates the 33 year anniversary
of its founding. The food safety company has contributed great discoveries to
the industry with the help of talented and passionate scientists. Vitsab’s
most popular products include Catering, Caviar, Flight Label, Home Delivery,
Seafood, and Shell Safe Shipping. All of these offerings have become possible
thanks to Freshtag® Time Temperature Indicator (TTI) labels that accurately
display freshness and quality.

Freshtag® temperature monitoring labels are the size of a postage stamp and
utilize ‘stoplight technology’ to indicate the freshness and safety of any
perishable food. Once the label is activated, the previously colorless circle
will become green. It should stay that color until it reaches the consumer,
but if any temperature abuse has been detected, the circle will turn red to
show the food is unsafe to consume. This system has become a simple solution
for the general public. Restaurant owners, chefs, and consumers across the
globe can understand and benefit from this proprietary technology.

Freshtag® labels were humbly created by a diverse group of inventors and
researchers committed to engineering a simple and easy to use system for
protecting perishable products. Since the beginning, Vitsab has been committed
to quality, ease of use, and cost effectiveness in all of its products. This
is why they only function as a research and development company. Vitsab
doesn’t conduct sales campaigns or any advertising activities because they are
a neutral resource for regulators, industry leaders, and general consumers
concerned about food safety.

Vitsab’s priority is to achieve clients’ professional and personal goals
regardless of the company’s size or industry. This principle led Vitsab to
develop customized and diverse applications for Freshtag® labels. Currently,
the company’s labels handle ready to eat meals, meal kits, fresh seafood
products like caviar, oysters, as well as produce, airline catering, and home
deliveries of perishable food. Each Freshtag® label brings distinct benefits
to consumers and clients.

When Freshtag® Flight Label is used, it helps airlines lower their carbon
emissions since they are carrying less weight and can reuse or donate sealed
perishables that have stayed fresh. In Home Delivery applications, Freshtag®
has increased customer loyalty and reorder frequency while also reducing the
number of products that need to be replaced or refunded. This system has
become invaluable during and after the COVID-19 pandemic as consumers are more
concerned about the safety of their food. For Vitsab’s clients, Freshtag® has
transitioned from an added cost to a profit producing item that improves their
overall business operations.

As Vitsab continues to grow, the company is looking to increase its number of
manufacturing facilities and secure creative partnerships with industry
leaders who can leverage Freshtag® to increase profits, benefit consumers and
the environment. The company also aims to increase customer awareness about
food safety, especially during the last mile of transportation.

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