Vitsab Flight Labels for Air-Catering

Ensures regulatory compliance:

  • Vitsab’s Flight Labels are now commonly accepted by food inspectors globally.
  • Flight Labels may be used to satisfy:
    • World Food Safety Guidelines for Airline Catering (step 25, CCP2)
    • Codex Alimentarius HACCP – monitoring chilled food in service & storage
    • Quality Management System requirements (ISO9001)
    • FDA food safety code
    • European Union Food Law (EU regulation 852/2004

Easy to implement and use:

  • Easily integrated into any Food Safety Management System and/or Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Simple to activate and can be read at any stage of the journey

Facilitating Low Carbon Opportunities

  • Conserve on fuel burnt during flight by reducing aircraft weight
  • Serve sealed perishable products on your next flight or donate them to charity at your destination cities

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