Shell Safe Shipping

Vitsab Freshtag™ Shell Safe Shipping Labels:


Ensures regulatory compliance:

  • FDA accepted as a CCP for temperature monitoring in shellstock
  • Exclusive formulation aligns with NSSP and ISSC guidelines
  • Developed with FDA, state regulators, and industry to align with the time/temperature relationship of vibrio species to double once


Easy to implement and understand:

  • Easily integrated into any Food Safety Management System and/or Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Simple to activate and can be read at any stage of the journey
  • No additional tools are required in your harvesting facility, processing plant, pack-out location, during transportation, or at their destination
  • Exclusive “Stoplight Technology” makes them easily understood globally

Competitive advantage plus increases profit:

  • Shellstock recipients prefer to order from companies using Freshtag™
  • Builds customer loyalty and improved reorder frequency
  • Reduces shrink due to replacement orders or refunds

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Basic Instructions for Shell Safe Shipping >>