Vitsab’s™ Flight Label is a color changing full history smart indicator that monitors airline meals and perishable products in refrigerated or passive storage environments for time/temperature abuse. With more than 10-years of successful programs with leading airlines, the Vitsab™ Flight TTI (time temperature indicator) Labels are easily integrated into any airline Food Safety Management System and/or Quality Management System (QMS) resulting in enhanced food safety. Your customers and employees deserve to know their in-flight food choices received time/temperature monitoring by Vitsab’s Flight Labels from preparation until they are served and enjoyed.

The Flight Label has been designed to monitor time/temperature from the preparation kitchen until service on-board. This formulation gives the full history of time/temperature monitoring in an easy to read and understand visual indicator. By simply placing flight labels in food trollies and carts, airline companies can monitor all on-board perishable catering during each flight’s duration globally. With over 10-years of successful programs with major airlines, Flight Labels are proven to be a cost-effective way to ensure compliance with global food safety storage and handling rules while enhancing the in-flight catering experience. They are simple to supply, store, and use. No additional tools are required in the prep-kitchens, during transport, or on-board and their use has received positive ratings from all stakeholders using the system.

  • Cost Effective
    • The Flight Label System cost is measured in factions of a cent per customer plus unused sealed food can easily be utilized on a later flight saving your food investment or donated to charity reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Easy to Implement and Use
    • Vitsab’s extensive global airline catering experience can coach you on how simple it is to implement your own Flight Label System Program.
    • Flight Labels are easy to activate and may be read at any stage of the journey by glancing at their clear to understand color changing advanced technology.
    • Flight attendants reported favorably on the product’s ease of use, and they are especially grateful knowing they are serving fresh and safe catering solutions to their passengers plus, since they eat after serving everyone else, they appreciate knowing the food they are eating has been time/temperature monitored from the prep-kitchen until their consumption.
  • Quality, HACCP Managers, and Food Inspectors
    • Vitsab’s Flight Labels are now commonly accepted by food inspectors globally.
    • Flight Labels may be used to satisfy:
      • World Food Safety Guidelines for Airline Catering (step 25, CCP2)
      • Codex Alimentarius HACCP – monitoring chilled food in service & storage
      • Quality Management System requirements (ISO9001)
      • FDA food safety code
      • European Union Food Law (EU regulation 852/2004
    • Facilitating Low Carbon Opportunities
      • Airlines can conserve fuel burnt during flight by reducing weight onboard. With the Flight Label System in place, ambient galley stowage can replace heaving chilling equipment
      • Newer light weight trollies and carts can be utilized resulting in reduced weight.
      • Food waste creates more greenhouse gases than the whole airline industry. Reduce your carbon footprint by utilizing sealed perishable products on a later flight or donating them to a charity in your destination cities. Global hunger is a real concern, now you can be part of the solution!

Thank you for your interest in the Flight Label System. Please reach out to Vitsab so we can share many examples of ongoing successful Flight Label programs.