A color changing Freshtag™ TTI (time temperature indicator) label monitors catered food in refrigerated, frozen, or passive storage conditions for time/temperature abuse to safeguard food safety and quality. Vitsab has more than twenty years of temperature monitoring success, so Freshtag™ Catering Labels were developed by tapping into this rich history. They are easily integrated into any Food Safety Management System and/or Quality Management System (QMS).  Your customers deserve to know their catered food choices receive constant cumulative temperature monitoring by full history Freshtag™ Catering Labels.


The Freshtag™ Catering Label System is a cost-effective way to ensure compliance with food storage and handling rules and regulations. The system allows catering suppliers to easily adopt this efficient method of safety and quality validation whether used on campus, for remote services, for retail locations, inside home delivery packaging, or as part of e-commerce retail protocol. Vitsab Freshtag™ Catering Labels are simple to receive, store, and use. No additional tools are required in your prep-kitchen, your pack-out facility, during transportation, or at their destination. In use, Freshtag™ catering label’s exclusive “stop light” technology is easy to visually understand and received positive ratings from Chefs, kitchen facilities, servers, retailers, and home delivery recipients.


Many companies have adopted Freshtag™ as a competitive advantage over their competition, especially since COVID. Delays in shipments have become a daily hassle for companies and their customers, now validation of proper temperature control from farm to fork is critical. Your customers are already skeptical about quality and safety when receiving perishable products and delays just compound that fear. By minimizing replacement orders and refunds plus increasing customer confidence, retention, and loyalty; in an age of increasing prices for ingredients and packaging, the Freshtag™ Catering System safeguards and even increases your bottom-line profit.


Using “Stoplight Technology” so everyone globally will understand, Freshtag™ Labels stay green most of their life; then eventually change to yellow then red, like a stop light, if temperature abuse per formulation is detected. Freshtag™ Catering labels are easy to use and may be visually validated at any stage of the journey. Current customers and recipients of perishable products monitored by Freshtag’s™Catering Label System reported favorably on the product’s simplicity of use and the clear message they display.


Vitsab’s Freshtag™ Catering Labels are now commonly accepted by food inspectors globally. The Freshtag™ Catering System is accepted for authenticating the growing safety concern for transportation of perishable products including the recent hyper-focus on “The Last Mile”. Vitsab Freshtag™ Catering Labels may be used to satisfy:

World Food Safety Guidelines for Airline Catering (step 25, CCP2)
Codex Alimentarius HACCP – monitoring chilled food in storage & service
Quality Management System requirements (ISO9001)
FDA food safety code
European Union Food Law (EU regulation 852/2004)


Thank you for your interest in Vitsab’s Freshtag™ Catering Label Technology.  Please let Vitsab know how they can help you.