Many companies who sell perishable products through eCommerce retail solutions have adopted Freshtag™ as a competitive advantage over their competition, especially since we have all felt the effects of COVID on home delivery. In our post COVID world, eCommerce retail customers who were already skeptical about quality and safety when receiving perishable products shipments are now even more apprehensive due to shipment delays because of the extra load common carriers are now trying to deliver. Vitsab has an excellent solution for your home delivery program to put your customers at ease. Freshtag™ Catering Labels are that solution and can easily be integrated into any Food Safety Management System and/or Quality Management System (QMS).  Your customers deserve to know their home delivery received constant cumulative temperature monitoring by full history Freshtag™ Catering Labels.

If you need assistance developing an eCommerce retail home delivery program, maybe an article written by our EVP, Jeff Desrosiers, that was published in a trade journal, might help you get started. If you are already in the home delivery of perishable products business, this same article might help you adjust and tweak your program. Follow this link – ECSGA_NL_v1-22.pdf – and look for the article entitled “Vitsab Enhances Direct Oyster Sales During COVID and Beyond” starting on page 2. The same principles that help home delivery of oysters will easily translate to your business no matter what your perishable product might be. Since Vitsab is an R&D company and is globally recognized as temperature monitoring experts, they have access to regulators, researchers, academia, and industry which exposes them to excellent information that resulted in the article referenced above.

Using “Stoplight Technology” so everyone globally will understand, Freshtag™ Labels stay green most of their life; then eventually change to yellow then red, like a stop light, if temperature abuse per formulation is detected. Freshtag™ Catering labels are easy to use and may be visually validated at any stage of the journey. Current customers and recipients of perishable products to the home that were monitored by Freshtag’s™ Catering Label System reported favorably on the Freshtag’s™ simplicity of use and the clear message they display.


The Freshtag™ Catering Label System is a cost-effective way to ensure compliance with food storage and handling rules and regulations. The system allows suppliers of perishable products to easily adopt this efficient method of safety and quality validation inside home delivery packaging and can easily become part of your e-commerce retail protocol. Vitsab Freshtag™ Catering Labels are simple to receive, store, and use. No additional tools are required in your prep-kitchen, your pack-out facility, during transportation, or at their home destination. In use, Freshtag™ catering label’s exclusive “stop light” technology is easy to visually understand and received positive ratings from home delivery recipients.

Thank you for your interest in Vitsab’s Freshtag™ Catering Label Technology as part of your eCommerce retail home delivery program.  Please let Vitsab know how they can help you.